Brunch at Barbounia

When my best friend from college came into the city last week I wanted to schedule some serious catch up time.  We chat here and there through email and Facebook but we needed much more than that.  We needed a few hours of one-on-one talk preferably with lots of champagne cocktails and delicious food to accompany it.   Barbounia offers a regular a la carte brunch on Saturday and Sunday with an option for unlimited champagne, Bellini's and Mimosa's for $18.95 a person.  Looks like I found our place!

I made a reservation for 1:00 Sunday and the gorgeous room was absolutely packed.  Luckily we got seated right away and started with a trio of Mezze...hummus, tzatziki and spicy feta.

All three were wonderful but the standout was the spicy feta.  It was incredibly creamy with a lingering pepper finish that just made you want more and more.

A piping hot baguette was more than ample for our trio of delicious spreads.  We ate so much I was almost too full for my Greek Eggs.

But once I smelled the fried haloumi cheese and sumac I was diving right in.  The baked eggs were perfect with crispy edges and herby roasted tomato   I was so in love I almost forgot to sample Christine's Turkish Eggs.

Spinach, chickpeas, ground lamb and tahni sauce was the base for hers....I think we each finished about half and were almost too full to talk. Lucky for us they extend the champagne drinking to the bar so it was another round of champagne before heading out the door.

It was a lovely boozy brunch to catch with an old friend.  If only it could happen every Sunday.