I was up in Buffalo last weekend and met some friends for dinner at Mother's.  This is one of those restaurants people always assume I've been to.  It has a strong loyal following so I was excited to finally check it out.   From the outside I felt I was entering a tattoo parlor instead of a fine dining establishment.

Inside it's quite a different scene with a gorgeous iron gate, stone walls, candlelit tables and a lively bar scene. We were handed the menu for the night and began with a bottle of Sancerre.

Although the appetizers sounded wonderful I stuck with their light and refreshing house salad to begin.

Thank goodness I went light because my entree was much larger than I'm used to- Pan Seared Sea Scallops with Black Fettuccine spinach and red peppers.

The scallops had a nice crispy sear on top and the pasta was cooked perfect with a gorgeous saffron cream sauce enveloping the spinach and peppers.  I loved the contrasting textures in this dish and was surprised how much I enjoyed the sauce.  My friend ordered the Center Cut Pork Chop with blue cheese walnut stuffing, port glaze and braised cabbage.

The pork chop was tender and juicy but the combination of port glaze and blue cheese stuffing was just too much.  The flavors were all muddled together and everything just tasted sweet.  This is a classic problem many restaurants in Buffalo have...they need to realize simple is usually better.

Pork chop quibbles aside, I had a lovely experience at Mother's.  The service was formal but not overbearing and the general scene of the restaurant embodied everything I love... glasses clinked at the bar, Frank Sinatra crooned on the speakers overhead and everyone just seemed to be having a good time.  Maybe it was just the company I was with (or the incredibly affordable wine list) but I'm putting Mother's up there as one of my favorites in Buffalo.