A Blue Ribbon Day

I was so excited to see the sun shining Saturday I was ready to jump into summer mode with both feet. What a better way to jump right in then with a flight of rosés from Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar.

I love flights of anything...flights of wine, flights of beer, flights to Paris...you get the picture.

I enjoyed each of these but the standout was the Sancerre which was dry with just a bit of fruit.  We were enjoying ourselves so much at the bar we decided to keep the evening going across the street at flagship Blue Ribbon.

The bakery downstairs was in full swing...the smell of yeast permeating through the air..

We started out a little healthy with a creamy Cesar Salad...

...but then it was onto Fried Chicken for the main course of the night. This is one of those dishes I dream about.  The skin has the most incredible crunch with just enough salt to keep you licking your lips...the inside is chock full of meat and I usually dip each bite into the little bowl of honey on the side.  It's sweet and savory and everything that is right with the world.  I think it's the best fried chicken in the city.  Certainly a Blue Ribbon day in my book.

Blue Ribbon Restaurants


Kathy YL Chan said…
"flights to Paris" ... I love that! ^_^