New Brew Friday- Lagunitas Sucks

I've been a little obsessed with IPA's lately and this new one from Lagunitas is awesome.  It's called Lagunitas Sucks and obviously there's a story behind it.  

Each year Laguinitas releases a Brown Shugga ale that's delicious.  Unfortunately they were over their capacity last year and didn't have enough time or resources to produce it. People were upset and Lagunitas issued an apology along with this beer because they messed up and frankly "suck".  You gotta love a brewery with a good sense of humor and you have to love them even more because the beer they came up with is awesome!   It's really crisp with lots of piney hops and citrus fruit.  It's a totally different style than the Brown Shugga so I can't really compare but I honestly like this beer even better.  Thanks for sucking Lagunitas!