La Pasta at Eataly

It's all over the news...this terrible flu that everyone has that just won't go away.  I've had it the last twelve days and it's finally coming to an end.  My road to recovery was long and arduous but three things helped me to recover- lots of sleep (like 14 hours a day), tons of vitamins and a big bowl of rib sticking noodles.

I was living on grilled cheese and soup until I finally felt well enough to venture out for some real food.  The Tagliatelle with Short Rib Ragu from La Pasta was just what the doctor ordered.  The noodles were perfectly al dente with a hearty sauce and big chunks of short rib.  I remember watching the Cosby Show when I was little and Bill Cosby saying "You need to feed a cold!" before throwing down a huge hoagie.  I think his advice was correct.

La Pizza & La Pasta