I've been really sick of the sushi options in my neighborhood recently so I was thrilled when I heard about Sen coming to the area.  I stopped in for a solo dinner last week and took a seat at the large, square bar.  The interior is quite feels a bit like a trendy club at first but is serene at the same time.

I started out with a tasty Lychee Martini and perused the menu.  They had some sushi starters that sounded fantastic... did the specialty rolls.  I decided to order one of each and began with the Yellowtail Tar Tar.

The presentation of this dish was lovely.  The sushi chef came right over to explain the dish and pointed out the Mountain Peach.  I was happy to have this as a palate cleanser because each and every flavor in this dish was wonderful.  There was pickle and shallot, creamy egg and spicy was one of the most interesting and delicious sushi dishes I've had in a long time.  

The Hot Tuna roll was also wonderful.  They used a special three spiced chili sauce that was very minimal with just a touch of heat.  The tuna was incredibly fresh and delicate which really stood out in the dish.  The service has a few kinks to iron out...I'm not sure why a bathroom attendant is needed for a two person bathroom either...but the food is downright fabulous.  I have high hopes for this new sushi spot.