St. Dymphna's

St. Dymphna's was one of the first bars I hung out at when I moved to NYC.  I was in a HUGE White Russian phase then (damn you Lebowski) and Dymphna's made the best with the perfect balance of Kahlua/Vodka and a flurry of espresso beans on top.  It's been years since my last visit but walking in I was happy to see the place looked untouched by time.

I don't remember eating a lot of food when I came to Dymphna's, but we were starving and a nice crock of French Onion soup sounded wonderful.  The broth was a bit thin but certainly tasty.  

The Cobb Salad looked terrific but unfortunately the elements were all a bit off.  The tomatoes weren't quite ripe and the pungent Honey Mustard dressing they used overpowered everything.

Maybe that's why I don't remember eating here in the past.  The cute little pub with it's drinks is all one really needs.  Skip the food and just enjoy its' coziness on a cold winter's day.

St Dymphnas