Jones Wood Foundry

Tucked away on the Upper east Side sits Jones Wood foundry, a bar and restaurant for all things British.  We stopped in the other day to enjoy a few beers.

After a few pints a little snack was in order so we split their burger with the traditional Stilton Cheese.  

I loved the presentation- it's quite easy to tell we're in a British pub.  The chips looked fantastic but instead they were a soggy, barely cooked mess.  Luckily the burger was much better.

The funky Stilton cheese gave a different spin on a normal burger.  The meat could have used a bit more seasoning but as you can see the bottom bun was soaked from the amount of juices.  If your craving a bit of Britain in the city this is a great place to put up your boots for a while and relax.

Jones Wood Foundry