Ippudo...Besides the Ramen

We all know how great the ramen at Ippudo is, but their seasonal specialties are just as wonderful.  Last visit it was the Chilean Sea Bass Umani that caught my eye. 

This dish was absolutely gorgeous with a nice moist piece of Sea Bass along side a square of silken tofu.  I loved the play on textures between the two.  The entire dish was covered in a sweet dashi sauce laced with slivers of jalapeno and daikon.  I know the ramen always takes center stage at Ippudo, but dishes like this should really get a mention.  The sweet and spicy flavors alone were stunning.

The cocktails at Ippudo are never quite up to the food standards but at least they keep it interesting.  Where else can you order a grapefruit shochu and it arrive as a "Do It Yourself" drink?