Salvation Taco

Remember back in September when I visited the Pod Hotel, hoping to find tacos from April  Bloomfield and Ken Friedman?   Well I was a few months early but finally Salvation Taco opened and I got a chance to check it out last Sunday for a late lunch.

The lunch menu is definitely limited with only three taco offerings but I made the most of it.  The first I tried was the Moroccan Lamb.

Marinated strips of lamb with pickled cucumbers, mint, yogurt and cilantro on a nice fluffy piece of naan...maybe this isn't exactly a "taco" but after one bite I didn't really care about proper taco definitions.  The seasoned meat was so tender with the creamy cooling yogurt and fluffy naan made me start to question a plain old tortilla ever again.  This is a must get- seriously awesome.

The Roasted Cauliflower taco with Curried Cream didn't fare quite as well.  It looked empty and once I took a bite it tasted just as empty.  The curry flavor was weak and the amount of cauliflower inside was minuscule.   I'm really hoping they just forgot to add something because this was quite disappointing after the awesome lamb...but I will definitely be returning to Salvation Taco. They have a Happy Hour Monday- Friday where you get three al pastor tacos and a Modelo for just $10, the atmosphere is bright and lively and seriously...

...when is the last time you had Spiked Horchata in a Parrot glass! 

Salvation Taco