Trestle on Tenth

Rainy Monday mornings are the worst.  I hate waking up to dreary gray skies after a fun, food filled weekend.  I always bury my head into my pillow as far as it can go, hoping for some vortex to keep me in my warm, happy land filled with pillows and desserts.  Unfortunately my damn work ethic always wakes me up five minutes before my alarm goes off.  Luckily I had a delicious new lunch spot to look forward to checking out- Trestle on Tenth.  I loved walking into the cute wooden space and getting a cozy table in the back.

I also loved their fantastic appetizers.  The beet salad was gorgeous but I was absolutely addicted to the roasted cauliflower with sweet garlic and capers on top. 

My Steak Tartar was also listed as an appetizer but more than hearty enough to be a main course.  Their version was a little on the spicy side with a nice quail egg on top.  I happily cleaned my plate and chilled out a bit listening to the great tunes they were playing... what a great place to start off the week.

Trestle on Tenth


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