Ngam Delivery

Living in the greatest city in the world has certain perks.  We have fabulous museums to visit, gorgeous architecture to admire, a constant flow of concert tickets to lust after, not to mention all the plays to see.  But sometimes I just want to stay in and do nothing. I mean not even move off the couch kind of nothing.  That's when another little perk comes in handy. The ability to order just about anything to your door within minutes. Everything from Sushi Rolls and Chicken Vindaloo to Congee and Filet Mignon with a port wine sauce and black truffles.  Honestly I even ordered a piece of chocolate cake and glass of milk when I had a particularly stressful day once.  So when I was having one of those "couch days" recently I noticed Ngam was online...3 clicks of my mouse later and the food was on its way.

Ngam has been on my list for quite some time due to rave burger reviews.  It arrived looking incredibly large and juicy with abundant toppings.  

Not to mention the side of crispy Taro Fries that smelled absolutely amazing as I opened the box.

Unfortunately I had very different thoughts on the burger.  I knew it was spiced but it was spiced so much that I couldn't taste any of the meat.  Mr. T took a bite and said "That tastes exactly like the burger I had in St. Lucia".  Man- nailed it on the head!  We had one of the worst burgers ever on vacation years ago and this could have been its clone.

I had high hopes for their Pad Thai as well but it too was disappointing.  The portion was downright tiny and  although the fresh veggies were nice the greasy, sticky noodles were a turn off.  Surprisingly the Taro fries, which usually don't travel well, turned out to be the best part of the meal.  I'm just glad I didn't get off the couch for this one.