Brunch at Fonda

There is nothing better in my book than a fabulous Mexican breakfast.  I love a big plate of fried eggs, saucy beans and salty tortilla chips. Starting my day with a frosty margarita doesn't hurt either.


The Rosalita combines silver tequila, hibiscus  orange liquor and lime.  I'm not usually a fan of flowery drinks but this one was surprisingly delicious.

Talk about delicious my Huevos Divorciados was amazing!  They took a big crunchy tortilla, slathered on a layer of beans, melted cheese and eggs then topped it off with two spicy sauces, big squares of bacon and a flurry of queso fresco.  I was absolutely in love with this dish.

I'm always terrified to bring Mr. T to Mexican places.  His cilantro allergy has ruined more than a few meals but here they did a great job of avoiding the herb.  His Burrito Texano was enormous and filled with lots of  eggs, chorizo and potato.

Both of us agreed the brunch was excellent.   Our server was incredibly friendly and the space has a great lively atmosphere.
It has some pretty cool art work as well.  I think I just found my new go-to brunch spot.