The Ten Belles

It's been over a year since I last stopped into the cozy, brick walled Ten Belles.  It was early evening and the normally crowded bar area was surprisingly calm.

I ordered a crisp Brut Rose and perused the new menu. I was sad to see the rich, delicious mac and cheese had gone as well as their spicy tartare.

I decided to go with the Jumbo Sea Scallop "a la coque".... I'm not sure what I was expecting exactly.  I know the menu clearly reads "scallop in a shell", but for $10 I guess I wanted a bit more fanfare.

 The scallop just seemed a little lonely in that big old shell by himself, drowning in butter.  I'd stick with their $1 Oyster Happy Hour instead.  Now that's a great deal.

The Ten Bells