Self Sabotage at Ruby Foos

Sometimes my subconscious tries to punish me.  I'm not really sure why but I know it happens.  I have a certain base of knowledge, the warning signs are all there, yet I jump in with both feet.  Case in point- my most recent trip to the Theater District.

I've been trying to win Book of Mormon lottery tickets for about three months now.  I go once or twice a week 5 minutes before the drawing, put my ticket in and then watch as obnoxious, less deserving people are chosen around me.  Then I walk my sad loser walk right?  Well I awoke one recent Sunday with a lucky feeling.  I hadn't tried for a weekend performance yet so odds of a win were in my favor (or at least that's what I was telling myself).  I arrived right about 4:45 and was shocked to see the outside empty.  I suddenly realized the weekend performances must start at 8:00. I had an hour an half to kill before the drawing and to make matters worse I was starving!  I started to walk across the street when I saw the glowing lights of Ruby Foo's calling to me.

Self Sabotage #1- I left for the lottery on an empty stomach and didn't confirm drawing time.

Self Sabotage #2- Instead of heading west to delicious and cheap ethnic eats I headed east right into the tourist cloud of Times Square.

I walked inside Ruby Foo's, took a seat at the empty bar and perused the food and cocktail list.  My bartender sauntered over and when I asked about their special Mojito listed he gave me a very strange look and replied "not recommended".  Okee Dokee how about a beer instead (head nod).  Excellent!  I then placed an order for one Creamy Tuna Roll  (again strange look but placed order).

Sabotage #3- I noticed the strange look which meant "not recommended" but proceeded with my order regardless.

When my roll arrived I was stunned at its size.  This was the skyscrapers of sushi  rolls and I wasn't sure I liked the floors.  On the menu it read as Creamy Tuna with green scallion, avocado, wasabi tobiko and wasabi cream fraiche.
What I got was more of an Avocado & Tobiko roll on steroids.  I've never had so much mushy avocado and sloppy sauce anywhere.  The crunchy tobiko overpowered as well and I barely got through two pieces before pulling off all of the tuna and pushing the rest away.  My bartender seemed to understand immediately and took the plate of food and brought me my check.

It was about 5:30 by now so I walked back over to Book of Mormon where once again- no line seemed to be forming.  I walked up to the ticket window and was informed the lottery was over for the day- matinee only on Sunday.

Sabotage #4- If I had only stopped to ask in the first place, the entire food situation could have been avoided.

Maybe my subconscious enjoys the sad loser walk home?

Ruby Foos