I was on a big kick of Fish Tacos for a while and I think my obsession may be starting again now that I tried Tacombi. This little taco shop in SOHO is pretty neat.

You buy food tickets at the counter up front and then order your tacos at the VW bus in front for meat or the window in the back for fish.

On my visit I was all about the seafood so I tried out both the fried and grilled fish tacos.

The Grilled Fish was good- unfortunately I don’t love a ton of salsa on my fish and this had a bunch. Next time I would order the regular grilled fish with the avocado salsa instead.

But I would definitely order the Fried Fish Tacos again! This was delicious! The fish itself had no breading what so ever- just a nice big hunk of meat with crispy outside and some crunchy slaw. It was simple and perfect.

Tacombi does breakfast tacos all day long which rocks as well. However watch out for the hot sauce! I had one tiny bite and my tongue was on fire for about 20 minutes. That is some serious stuff! I have to go back for the meat options but the fish is where it’s at.


Brodsky said…
Fish tacos might just be the perfect summer time snack! We actually love to have spicy food in the summer, so this is a place we'll definitely have to check out.