Iron Chef House

To continue my search for some good sushi in Brooklyn Heights I made my way over to Iron Chef House the other day. I was excited by the menu online. There were quite a few rolls that sounded kind of crazy and very non-traditional. This is the Banzai roll with spicy shrimp topped with tuna and crunchy mix.

Well it certainly looked pretty but the first thing I noticed was the enormous mound of crunchy mix on the bottom of the roll. It was way to much crunch for me and kind of masked the rest of the roll.

I took it off and then focused on the fish itself. The Tuna was actually really good but the spicy shrimp tasted a little weird. I had thought that the shrimp would be minced up in the mayo rather than whole. The various textures really threw me off, so much so that I ended up taking the shrimp out completely and just eating it like a spicy tuna roll.

So while my roll wasn’t horrible I didn’t exactly enjoy it either. My search continues on for some good sushi in Brooklyn Heights.


Anonymous said…
Cross Atlantic Avenue and go to Hibino on Henry St. at Pacific. Authentically Japanese.