Keegan's Brewery

Keegan’s Beer seems to be coming up on a lot of restaurant and bar beer lists lately. I seem to see the Mother’s Milk everywhere and even the Hurricane Kitty has been popping up here and there. So when Mr. T and I were heading back from a weekend in Lake George I jumped at the chance to swing by Keegan Ales which was right off our route on the way home.

Keegan’s certainly didn’t look like much from the outside that’s for sure- but the inside was surprisingly neat. They had a nice square bar in the back with darts and other games and then a separate room on the side for filling growlers and a band space.

The coolest part of the space was looking directly into the brewery itself.

Mr. T and I ordered an Old Capitol Ale and a Joe-Mama's Stout.

The Old Capitol Ale was tasty for sure. It had a nice crisp edge that was refreshing albeit a tad boring. The Joe Mama on the other hand was awesome. The took the Mothers Milk Stout and brewed into it some coffee and chocolate. We always said the Mothers Milk needed a little something and this is exactly what it needed indeed. The strong espresso smell and smooth chocolaty finish were perfect. I would definitely pick up a Growler of this if I lived in the area.

The Outside had a bunch a picnic tables that would be great for beer sessions with friends. Overall quite a nice little pit stop on the trip home.

Keegan Ales


Anonymous said…
Here's to Keegan's, may it thrive and not follow the footsteps of this now-closed Vermont brewery ...