Brunch at ABC Kitchen

We had a lovely brunch with Mr. T’s parents at ABC Kitchen about a week ago and I have to tell you I absolutely love the place! If you remember I went there for lunch once and was very conflicted. I loved everything but it had been slightly off for me. Let me tell you now- none of the food was off on this trip.

First up my cocktail- a Basil Lime Daiquiri. This was absolutely delicious but could have used a tad less sugar. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the entire drink however :)  Let me start with a flurry of appetizers we shared.

Crab Toast with Lemon Aioli

Sugar Snap Pea Salad with Parmesan Cheese Dressing and Fine Herbs

Roasted Carrot and Avocado Salad with Crunchy Seeds, Sour Cream and Citrus

Cured Meats and Local Cheese Plate

Wow- these appetizers were spot on. The Crab Toast was unbelievably wonderful. The crab tasted so fresh and sweet I only wish there was more to go around. The combination of crunchy seeds with the roasted carrots and avocado was a match made in heaven! However the best appetizer I thought was the Sugar Snap Pea Salad.

I really really want to make this at home. The dressing had just the right amount of creaminess and the herbs added a little bit of zing to the already wonderful fresh peas. I truly could not get over this salad. I’ve been thinking about it all week. It’s a perfect example of what Jean George is trying to do at this restaurant. Use local ingredients without any fillers to showcase the wonderful organic item. Who knew I would love peas this much!

After devouring the appetizers I was already starting to get pretty full. Luckily Mr. T was as well so we decided to split our main course. We started out with a buttery chive and cheddar biscuit.  Then we split the Akaushi Cheeseburger with herbed mayo and pickled jalapeños.

Man I loved this burger. I took most of the jalapeños off since I can’t handle the heat, but the meat itself was so full of flavor and the mayo was so decadent but so delicious.

Look at this perfectly cooked and juicy meat! OMG just looking at it makes me drool a little. The fries were no joke either. Last time I came I thought the oil tasted off a bit. This time there was no weird aftertaste- just a nice blend of sage and garlic on top and perfectly long and crispy fries.

I was so full and so happy at this point I wasn’t even sure I could do dessert. Luckily we all decided to split one. I returned to what I ordered last time the sundae with salted caramel ice cream, candied peanuts and popcorn, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Once again this sundae was rich, salty and so incredibly delicious it should almost be illegal. Last time I was overcome by how big it was and almost made myself sick. Splitting it this time was perfect. I got to enjoy the insanely delicious salted caramel ice cram without over boarding on all the sugar.

Wow- I was so happy with our meal. Mr. T enjoyed it as well but not as much as I did. He said the food was delicious but everything tasted very feminine. I thought that was actually a great description of the meal. The fresh salads, fancy mayo and amazing dessert is all kind of feminine and being a girl- hell yeah! I loved ABC Kitchen and am so glad I returned.

ABC Kitchen


This is SUCH a great place!!! Clearly, we are both sugar snap pea fans ;)
Catherine said…
Um, YUM. Any idea if they participate in restaurant week?
Roze said…
They don't do RW but they have a $28 3 course prix fix lunch every day that is a fantastic deal! It changes weekly I believe so check out their website for the most current menu. The sundae is always listed as a dessert:)