I’m Not Lying- It’s a Beef on Weck Sushi Roll

I was in Buffalo this past weekend for a quick family visit and I finally got a chance to go into the city and check out Seabar- one of Buffalo’s few Japanese restaurants. Leave it to this city to come up with a sushi roll so uniquely Buffalo.

The Beef on Weck is basically steak in the middle, regular sticky rice outside and then a nice slab of beef sashimi on top with caraway seeds and some horseradish mayo.

The caraway seeds and coarse salt kind of blew me away. They really made the roll taste like a classic Beef on Weck. I would like to see a little less rice and a little more meat in the roll for balance but the flavors were seriously spot on. I think this would be a good roll for those people who are a little hesitant about sushi (my parents) since it looks like the real thing but tastes completely different.

Not all sushi rolls in Buffalo are this crazy. We also enjoyed a wonderfully sweet Unagi and Avocado Roll.

And I thought the Spicy Tuna Roll was delicious as well. It was nice to see such a big chunk of fresh tuna inside and the cooling cucumber was a nice contrast to the spicy sauce.

The seafood tacos had a bit too much going on. There was so much salsa and cilantro I honestly don’t even know what kind of fish was inside!

The Raspberry Mojito was pretty weak as well. Next time I would skip the cocktail and go straight for some wine.

But I did enjoy the chopstick directions!

After our dinner we drove over to Blue Monk and enjoyed some beers out front.

This Bayerischer Bahnhof Witbier was really delicious and refreshing. It has such a nice citrusy taste with an almost effervescent body- we decided it would be a great drink for brunch if someone doesn’t enjoy Mimosa’s.

This was just a little slice of my food weekend. Lunch on the porch of the Roycroft, dinner on the patio at Walenweins, and of course a final stop at Bar Bill for some wings. It was quite a good little food and drink trip.