Not so Wonderful at the Crow's Nest

Last year Mr. T and I began our 4th of July with some lovely drinks and food at the Crow’s nest. We enjoyed ourselves so much we decided to return again this 4th for some more. We showed up right around 2:30 and got some seats at the bar. The bartenders seemed swamped even though the place was barely half full. Luckily we got our drink order in without any problems.

My Pina Colada was delicious as usual. They really do make the best one in the city…unfortunately it’s also $12 which is pretty steep for a frozen drink. We enjoyed our cocktails and then waited with our food menus for a little over 20 minutes. The bartenders were nice enough it just seemed like the entire place was in chaos. Finally I asked the guy if we could order some food.

My sliders that came out did not resemble the sliders we had there over Memorial Day. The beef was so overcooked it was almost like eating a hockey puck and the special sauce was no where to be found.

At least I got some food. Mr. T ordered the Clam Strips and they never arrived. When we asked they said the kitchen had made a mistake and they would be out shortly.

Shortly is apparently a term used very loosely here. Our friend arrived, ordered himself a cheeseburger and guacamole, received it and ate it all before the clam strips showed up.

We probably would have been better off just cancelling the order since the mealy mess that arrived was so bad. Maybe there was some clam in there somewhere but all I tasted was the peppery breading. For a place that bills itself as a seafood restaurant this was one hot mess.

Needless to say we didn’t stay much longer. The staff had started to argue with one another and although I felt bad for them a bit, there was no reason the place should have been so chaotic. It just didn’t make sense. The food was downright terrible and the wait for the clam strips was inexcusable. I still love the view, and the Pina Colada's, but maybe it's time to try a new joint.

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