Street Sweets

I was walking over in Tribeca the other day, trying to get in some good exercise, when out of nowhere I run smack dab into the Street Sweets truck.

Damn these mobile sweet machines! Just when I’m trying to eat healthy and exercise they seem to show up uninvited. This happens to be one of the few trucks I haven’t tried out yet so of course I had to buy a little something for research sake. The cupcakes looked pretty good but seemed to lack a lot of frosting, the chocolate chips looked amazing but were so big I knew I would eat the whole thing and feel guilty. In the end I settled on something a little different- a pumpkin whoopie pie.

The pumpkin cake outside was delicious. The cake was moist and had just a hint of cinnamon, spice and carrot flavor. The edges of the cake were slightly crispy and I ended up eating around the edges first to enjoy all the crispy bites.

The filling inside was vanilla and very sweet. Almost a little too sweet for my tastes but still delicious. So the Street Sweets truck ruined my day of health and fitness. That’s right- I blame them.

Street Sweets