Random Cupcake

I was walking through Nolita enjoying a lovely warm day last week when a serious craving for something sweet hit me. Usually I just grab a little square of chocolate somewhere but I felt like I needed something more. I was going through all the various dessert treats I could find when suddenly I noticed all the people walking toward were holding something absolutely delicious looking- cupcakes!! They were everywhere! I couldn't understand what was going on! Then I noticed a little table up ahead set up with a box of cupcakes and a man handing them out for free. I was so excited I immediately took one upon offer.

The red velvet cake was pretty moist and the large dollop of frosting had just the right amount sour and sweet tang. I was thoroughly enjoying my cupcake when I realized I really didn't know where this cupcake was from. I started to think back to the location.

Hmmm...It had been a little card table set up kind of near Ciao Bella but with no sign, no defining characteristics but an unlabeled box holding the goods and one lowly man running the show. Maybe it was a new offering from Ciao Bella or had I just accepted a delicious cupcake from some stranger on the street! I was kind of surprised how little I looked into this before diving in. Apparently I have blinders on when it comes to sweets! Luckily I felt just fine after eating and I convinced myself it had to be Ciao Bella...I think.

In other cupcake news they opened up a new outpost of Baked by Melissa right off Union Square!

Now I pass these delicious mini cupcakes on my walk home every day! Well I guess I shouldn't say "pass" because technically I stop in every time. How could you not with some many delicious flavors and at only a $1 a piece! Now I can have my cupcake craving fixed in no time.