Dalton's @ the Ninth Avenue Food Festival

It was a gorgeous summer day Saturday and what better way to spend it then drinking and eating outside in the sun with friends. Luckily there was the perfect venue getting those goals accomplished- the 9th Avenue Food Festival. Most of it is really just a big street fair with the regular Mozzareppa’s, and Crepes, but there were also some local restaurants with stands of food and drink. We ended up meeting friends who had a great table outside Daltons with easy access to beers and perfect for people watching.

We ended up staying there most of the day and saw plate after plate of Dalton’s pork sandwich being consumed around us. When hunger finally struck it seemed inevitable that we would have to try one out. The pork didn’t really look like much. Upon first glance I assumed it was going to be overcooked and tasteless.

However Dalton’s proved me wrong- it was no RUB pork sandwich but it was definitely moist and had a nice mild spice in the marinade. The BBQ sauces that came on the side were awful however. Thick, sugary and just plain disgusting. I hope most people tried it on the side like we did before lathering it on.

There were a few too many of the cheesy usual street fair stands like crappy jewelry and pashmina’s everywhere but the ability to drink outside on the street made up for that. Now if I had just won my Preakness bet I would have been really happy with my day. Luckily a sugary cupcake from Michael London stand helped make up for that.