Lunch at Butai

Wednesday was an extremely busy day at work for me- so busy I never got a chance to eat lunch. Luckily I was able to leave a little earlier than usual and on my way home I intended to stop and have a decent meal. I walked my usual route through Union Square and up Park Avenue, all the while looking for some food option to jump out at me.

Then all of a sudden it was there- a big board outside of Butai advertising a seriously affordable and delicious sounding lunch special. It was pretty late in the day, almost early supper time rather than lunch, but I inquired about the special and they said it was still going on. Score one for me!

I took a seat in front of the big window and ordered their short rib lunch box set. Within minutes I had this huge platter of food set in front of me.

Sushi, salad, rice, dumplings and short ribs all in one nice platter. This is pretty much my food eating dream come true. There’s nothing better than having a variety of little bites to choose from.

The spicy tuna roll was pretty good. Not the best roll I’ve ever had but a good standard roll with some fresh tuna.

The salad was extremely refreshing with cherry tomatoes, radishes and a wonderfully light vinaigrette.

The dumplings were somewhat of a disappointment. They were filled with a mix of veggies and cabbage which is not my favorite thing in the world but at least the outside edges were nice and crispy.

They gave me a ton of fatty short ribs- way too much for me to finish with everything else going on but tasty. I was already too filled up from the first part that came out the Miso soup.

Now I’m not sure if it was the drizzly gray weather outside that soaked me on my walk there, or the craziness of the busy day at work, but this miso soup tasted better than any I have had in a very long time. The wonderful aroma of the miso wafting out with each steamy swirl of broth was so comforting it just seemed to take all my cares away.

The best part about this meal would have to be the price tag. I got all of this food for the low cost of $11.00. Now that’s a good deal. I had enough food left over that I had to take some home for dinner. So another great lunch deal was found and my stressful gray day ended on a high note thanks to Butai.

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