Sammich's at RUB

I’ve written about Rub before. I actually think last time I did a face off between ribs and wings at RUB versus those at Dinosaur BBQ. Dinosaur won but that doesn’t mean RUB isn’t awesome. Case in point- their pulled BBQ pork sandwich.

It’s hard to tell from the picture but this pork shoulder was incredibly tender and moist. There was a very light sauce on top but the meat was so wonderful I saw no need to add anymore. Maybe throw a pickle on top and you’re done. A perfectly squishy sandwich bun sealed the deal and I was in pulled pork heaven.

Mr. T ordered the BBQ rib sandwich

Basically boneless ribs covered in some BBQ sauce and served on a bun. His was pretty good- the sauce was very tasty and it came with the same squishy bun. It just seemed to need a little something extra to me. If I had ordered this dish I would have gone all out and gotten it with a sloppy top.

Here’s the sloppy top! A nice big scoop of coleslaw right on top of the meat. Who wouldn’t love that on their sandwich? Plus you get a choice of two different kinds of slaw- vinegar and mayo. I grew up on vinegar based slaw. It’s a pretty hard thing to come by here in NYC.

So even though I think Dinosaur has better ribs RUB rules in the sandwich department. All of their sandwiches are under $10 so it really makes for an affordable meal out. Add a bottle of Shiner Bock to the bill and you’ve got yourself quite a perfect BBQ dinner.

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