Return to Congee Village

Mr. T and I have been in such a food ordering rut lately that we literally fight over who will answer the door for our Chinese food delivery. Both of us are embarrassed to open the door for the same delivery guy over and over again. To be honest I don’t know why we care since we’re probably putting his kids through college with all of our tips but nonetheless.

Anyway since we’ve been eating so much Chinese delivery we haven’t gone out for Chinese food in a really long time. However on Sunday when Mr. T said he wanted Chinese food again I just couldn’t do the delivery. It was a gorgeous day outside so instead we walked down to our old favorite Congee Village Bowery.

Congee Village is a fun, laid back kind of Chinese restaurant. Whenever we try to go on a Friday or Saturday night it’s completely packed with loud groups of people in a party mode. However on a Sunday evening the crowds are gone and it’s a much more serene and relaxed environment.

For some reason at Congee Village I always have to order a Mai Thai. I have no idea why- it’s not like I drink them anywhere else or have even had one anywhere else come to think of it. It’s just seems right to me there.

We decided to split two dishes the Pork Chop Peking style and the Blue Crab with garlic and pepper.

The pork came out first and looked and smelled delicious. However the meat was just a little too fatty and the sauce simply way too much. It was a thick sauce and so sweet it completely overpowered the meat on the dish. We both enjoyed the pork chop we had at Golden Unicorn much better.

The Blue Crab with garlic and pepper was delicious. I always seem to forget how much work getting the meat out of Blue Crabs is however. Within minutes Mr. T and I were both covered in sauce and looking pretty disgusting with slimy wet hands and shells all over the table. Luckily we’ve been together long enough that these unattractive moments are pretty common place! This is definitely not a dish to eat in front of someone you want to impress- that’s for sure.

So although we didn’t love our pork dish it was nice to get outside and skip the delivery guy for once. Plus we were able to stop at Bespoke on the way home for some salty pretzel caramel chocolates. Yum!