NYC hosted the first annul Luckyrice Festival this year and I was in it from the get go. Asian street food, beers under the stars and David Chang. Hmmm....check! I'm in! So Friday we went to the Night Market over in DUMBO. It was a gorgeous warm night and the festival was set up with food outside and drinks in the main complex. We decided to hit all of the food stands first and here's a little display of what we enjoyed.

Asiadog- The Wangding. Basically a hot dog topped with a nice fatty piece of pork belly, scallions and onion.

Buddakan- Udon Noodles with Peanut Sauce.

Kuma Inn- Pork Belly with Pickled Veggies.

Delicatessen- Foie Gras and Beef Short Rib Dumpling with Asian vegetables and five spice consomme.

Special Reserve beer from Brooklyn Brewery the Sorachi Ale.

I have to say that while the event wasn't typical asian street food like I expected it was pretty amazing nonetheless. The highlights for me were the ridiculously delicious Asiadogs, the mammouth and moist meatball sandwichs from Kampuchea and the lemongrass flavored beer from Brooklyn Brewery.

I got to spend a moment with Garrett Oliver and even Jeffrey Steingarten made an appearance. It was a great event, well worth the price and a great kickoff to hopefully a great celebration of asian food. David Chang..have I ever said I Love You? Cause I do :)