Some Little Bites at Cienfuegos

What an enjoyable day this Saturday was! I had been planning to spend the day alone but then Mr.T found out he didn't have to work. Yay! We decided to walk around the Seaport a little bit and then stopped at Jeremy's Ale House to watch the Soccer match.

Now Jeremy's has never been a favorite of mine. Sure you get 32 oz Styrofoam cup beers and the fun bra hanging decor, but it's always felt a little bit too dirty for me. Well I was actually enjoying myself this time and about to go for my second beer when this enormous cockroach ran across the wall right in front of the TV. It was so disgusting I thought I was going to be sick. We left immediately and headed to a bar with a little cleaner standards for the rest of the game. So gross...

Anyway- after the game we were walking through the East Village when I remembered hearing about a new place opening up Cienfuegos. We walked into the little sandwich shop and up the stairs in the back to this hidden little spot. Okay now I know this is by the Death & Company guys, so we should have tried out the cocktails, but neither of us were in the mood.

Instead I got a tasty summer rose and Mr.T stuck with the beers. The space was sunny and bright with a totally girly pink bar up front and bright green and blue walls in the back. We decided to just have a snack so we split their sandwich sampler.

An offering of their three sandwiches- turkey and strawberry, mini cubano and a sloppy joe slider. The Sloppy Joe was excellent. The sauce was thick with a spicy sliver of jalapeno on the top for a little kick.

The cubano was my favorite of the three. Melty oozing cheese, succulent pork and the best tasting ham I have had in this city too date. It tasted like the ham my Grandmother used to put into our borscht at Easter. Unfortunately there was a thick line of fat though the meat so biting into the sandwich was nearly impossible. I had to take the ham out and cut the fat off. Hopefully next time I'll get a better piece because the flavor was absolutely spot on.

I was expecting not to like the turkey and strawberry sandwich but it was surprisingly delicious. The turkey was moist and the strawberry sauce really went well with the texture of the meat.

Here's a view from our table's window.

I really enjoyed this place. The food was tasty, the decor was awesome and I'm sure the drinks are fantastic if they come from the Death & Company crew.

This is what the check came in. Kind of cute- right? Cienfuegos is a welcome new addition to what may be the already over abundant hidden gems in NYC. This is a keeper.