NY Noodletown

After lots of baseball watching and a few too many beers last weekend we made one of the greatest decisions one can make in this state of being at 1:00 AM.

We went to NY Noodletown of course.

NY Noodletown is seriously one of the best places to grab some awesomely delicious food that’s cheap and open late.

At 1:00 AM it can be absolutely packed at times but we got lucky and there were a bunch of open tables.

Okay I’ll be honest- there were only three of us but if you see the amount of food we consumed you would think we had a party!

We started out with a dish of Roast Pork.

OMG the roast pork here is so crispy and delicious. The skin is crispy with a nice layer of fat underneath that seeps all of its ooey gooey goodness into the meat making it incredibly tender.

Mr. T went a little crazy and ordered another plate right away before we even finished the first one.

Talk about crispy skin our next dish really needs no introduction!

Roast Duck over rice.

Okay seriously do I need to even say how delicious this was! Can’t you just tell!!
Look at that beautiful golden skin and luscious chunks of tender meat.

I am seriously drooling a little just looking at it.

Next came our order of the Poached Chicken.

This dish looks pretty average but then you add in the wonderfully delicious ginger scallion sauce it comes with and all of a sudden this dish is amazing.

We all just kept looking at the sauce saying “why is this so good?” over and over. (Again we had also had few beers before)

One of the last dishes we ordered is the one thing you should truly never miss at NY Noodleown the Salt Baked Shrimp.

Salt Baking is something that is truly their specialty. I’m not sure why it’s so fricken good but it is.

I think the salt baking really brings out the flavor of the shrimp and gives it a nice sweet taste that is unmatched.

OMG at this point we were so stuffed it was unbelievable.

We got our check and for all of this food and a round of beers it came out to just around $40.00.

This is why I love New York. It is the best city in the world and Chinatown just rocks!!!

We came home and crashed after that and didn’t eat anything until late Saturday night because we were still so stuffed.

Seriously though, if anyone ever asks you to go to NY Noodletown, be it 3:00 in the afternoon or 2:00 I the morning- it is ALWAYS a good idea.