A Fantastic Lunch at the New Spice- Family Weekend Continued

Recently Spice opened up two new outposts, both of which are in the East Village. My family was visiting for the weekend and it was basically centered around food which is just lovely for me!

They don’t have many options for Thai food in Buffalo so I figured we would do lunch at the new Spice on 3rd avenue.

FYI…The night they arrived we gorged on fish at Nobu Next door this time completely empty at 7:30 and the morning before we went to Spice we started out with Roast Beef, Mozzarella & Eggplant sub and a Meatball Mozzarella sub from Defontes.

Then went to Mcsorley’s for a couple of beers …This is all before noon!

What a great way to start the morning!

Anyhow we got to Spice right around 12:15 and the place was empty except for one other couple.

I was kind of surprised since the one on University is usually packed at this point!

We got a great table right by the windows and ordered up some Thai Iced Teas and our meals.

The one slight problem I have with Spice is that every time I go to one they seem to change something a little bit.

Today for example the Iced Teas were a little bit too sweet. I still enjoyed it but I think it needed a little less mix and more cream.

However it was refreshing and a good start to the meal that was about to follow.

For my appetizer I got the Thai Caesar salad.

It was Romaine lettuce and crispy szechuan croutons covered in a Ginger Miso Caesar dressing and topped with a large piece of grilled tofu.

This was really good! I honestly liked this so much I could have ordered a larger size for my entree instead.

The dressing was very a bit lighter than your average Caesar and the tofu had a great bbq chili sauce on top that I absolutely loved.

The croutons weren’t very exciting- basically some crispy wontons- but I never really eat those in my salad anyway.

The rest of my family had the spring rolls, crispy shrimp fritters (my usual order that I love) and some new dish I forgot the name of that was pretty awesome as well.

It was some small pieces of chicken diced up with a spicy sauce and rolled into some lettuce cups. Really tasty!

For my main course I went with the special of the day the Duck with Peanut sauce.

Talk about going a little overboard.

I wasn’t really thinking about how big and rich this dish was going to be.

I was kind of trying to go for a "light lunch"..errrr not so much.

Oh well. The peanut sauce was fantastic and the veggies on the side were sauteed just enough that they were tender but not soggy.

I wish the skin on the duck had been a tad crispier but I really can’t complain. It was a fantastic dish that I hope to see on their regular menu.

Everyone else ordered the Three Sauce Tilapia, the Siamese Fried Rice and the Spice Cashew Nut.

All of the dishes were great but I think the Siamese fried rice was the big winner amongst the family.

We were stuffed by the end of this meal and I don’t think anyone could finish their dish completely there was just so much food.

The best place about Spice though has to be the price.

For this whole meal, appetizer, entrée and drinks for five people it came to around $65.00.

That is a bargain! And our service was great the entire time. Very friendly, explained dishes when we weren’t sure what to order and he even took a group picture of us at the end.

Plus we had a lovely table with nice large windows looking out onto the East Village streets that are perfect for people watching.

I love Spice and I think I like this location even better than the university one.

We left full and happy.

But as you know no meal for me is complete without dessert.

And if you know my family, they believe in this more than anyone.

So we headed over to Cha’an which would be only the first of my many desserts for the day…

Spice Thai