Family Weekend- Cha-an Tea House

After lunch at Spice on Saturday we walked over to 9th street and up the staircase to the tiny little tea house Cha-an.

It was early afternoon so the place was virtually empty and we got a nice five person table right away near the kitchen.

Although we were stuffed we decided to order a pot of Dragon Pearl tea and some desserts for each of us.

My father suggested doing the 3 course dessert to split but we all scoffed at that idea (actually I was all for it until I realized he meant to share!)

The first dessert that came out was my brother's Chocolate Souffle with Raspberry sauce.

It was kind of unfortunate this came out first since it quickly began to deflate. We told my brother not to wait and we all just kind of dug into his!

The soufflé had a crunchy chocolate top and moist airy innards that was just perfect with the raspberry sauce and not at all filling for a chocolate dessert.

I was quite surprised how good it was.

Next came the Sweet Potato Apple Carmel cake with ice cream. This was my brother Jim's dessert and I have to say it rocked as well.

Carmel, vanilla, apple and sweet potato all came together to make one of the most beautiful as well as delicious desserts of the day.

My friend Carrie got it last time we came and I have to say I think it may have gotten even better.

My father on the other hand ordered the special Green Tea roll cake with Red Bean.

I‘m not a big fan of roll cakes and have never really enjoyed red bean so this one was a bust for me. However he seemed to enjoy the flavor combination and that’s all that really matters.

The last two desserts were the Black Sesame Crème Brulee’s which my mom and I both ordered.

Okay I’ve written about these before so I won’t go into too much detail but yum!!! This is still one of my favorite dessert of all time.

The Crème Brulee has the regular crispy caramelized top but smooth warm custard bottom but the flavor is almost impossible to explain.

It’s simply wonderful!! Topped with a scoop of black sesame ice cream you get all of the textures and flavors at once- crispy top, smooth warm bottom, cold milky ice cream… OMG Yum!!!

It came with large black sesame crisp on the side perfect for scooping up the ice cream and custard in the bowl is you are too excited to even use the spoon they give you.

Cha’an is one of my favorite dessert places in the city.

The bamboo walls, relaxing staff and imported women’s toilet with all the functions, all make you feel transported from the city to some serene paradise.

Now we were truly stuffed to the gills and needed to go change for our wedding over in DUMBO.

But wait…isn’t there some great chocolate in DUMBO? Lol!!! Desserts number two and three coming soon!