Jacques Torres

After the HUGE lunch at Spice, desserts at Cha-an and breakfast of Defonte's we were finally ready to head over to Brooklyn to get ready for the wedding. My plan was to grab a drink at the River Cafe and take in some wonderful city landscape and then head to the ceremony at ReBar. But then wait...one of my favorite Chocolate makers was right there!! So we did a quick reroute to Jacques Torres and ordered up some more desserts including their amazing Chocolate Kiss Cookie.

This chocolate chip cookie is so amazing because every single bite has chocolate. It's actually made with flat chocolate discs so that no matter what bite of cookie you get the ratio of dough to chocolate is perfect. It has a nice buttery dough and the chocolate is fantastic making this a contender for best chocolate chip cookie in the city. We got three of these enormous cookies...yeah that's right three! We also tried out one of their chocolate cupcakes.

This was good but a little too rich for me. I think if it was more milk chocolate than dark I could have enjoyed it a bit more. Or maybe I was just completely overloaded on desserts- who knows!!

Lucky for me the double espresso there picked me up and I made it through the night and even ate BOTH types of cake offered at the wedding and tried out some great new beers.
ReBar has an awesome beer selection of all of my favorites- Ommeganag, Sixpoint and one of the best of the night the White Rascal Wheat beer. It was such a wonderful wedding of two fantastic people and I couldn't have asked for a better Saturday with my family.

I wish they could come visit more often!!!

Jacques Torres