Mr. T and I used to frequent Wogies on a weekly basis about two years ago. This was one of the few places in the city where I could find a good chicken wing and I had to go often to get my fix.

Since then, I have learned to live without chicken wings as a staple in my diet but I couldn’t resist stopping by for a plate when we walked by the other day.

We were having a big dinner later so we decided just to split a plate of the Garlic Butter wings.

Before these babies were even within eyesight I knew they were on their way.

The strong smell of garlic permeated the air and my taste buds started to water in anticipation.

I felt like Pavlov’s dog for a minute.

My goodness…am I that easy to condition? Lol!

These wings were every bit as good as I remember- plump, juicy, fried to a perfect crisp and covered in a stinky garlic sauce. Then they top it off with a generous amount of Parmesan cheese perfect for soaking up some of the buttery goodness of this dish.

Yum!!! Greasy and good.

One thing I have to say about Wogies is that they don’t skimp on the sides. The carrots and celery were nice big cuts that seemed very fresh and the blue cheese dressing was stellar.

Wogies still continues to be one of my favorite wing joints in the city. Nothing will ever be able to beat the stuff they serve in Buffalo but it’s nice to have something that can curb my cravings.



Maria said…
Whoa! Those look fantastic. Gotta ration betw Landsdowne wings and these
Kathy YL Chan said…
Holy droollll! I've never heard of this place, but now I must get there quick! ^_^
Anonymous said…
Lansdowne wings are pretty weak, and nothing luke the Scruffy Duffy wings they claim to be. (The Scruffy's cook never went to Landsdowne.)

I do have to try these Wogie's wings. (I heard the salt&pepper wings were really good too.)
Tasty Trekker said…
I used to love Landsdowne but I had some on Friday and thought they had gone downhill :( Wogies all the way baby!!