We were walking around the East Village last weekend when we stumbled across this little gem.

They had a large green chalkboard menu standing up outside a small store front listing various german beers and grilled meats.

The front doors were slightly open and the smell of grilled sausages wafted out onto the sidewalk.

Hmmm…delicious German beer and grilled meats?? Two of my favorite things!

I was sold.

We grabbed a seat at the front entrance and ordered a couple Hefenweizens from the friendly German folks behind the bar.

With only three seats up front and two tables in the back, this is a very cozy little place. The wooden stools and dim lighting add to the effect and I found myself wanting to hole up for a while and leave the bustle of the outside world.

We really weren’t too hungry since we were on our way to dinner but we decided to order a bratwurst just to check it out.

(Thank goodness we did since our meal at China 1 turned out to be extremely uncomfortable and overpriced- but that’s for another post)

Long, skinny, salty and wonderfully snappy…Snappy, salty, skinny stuff!! Yum!!

The bratwurst was awesome! It came with some seriously strong sinus clearing mustard on the side (what is up with me and all the s words today?)

The paper it’s served on acts not only as a plate but a utensil as well. You simply tear off the perforated end and wrap it around the the brat as you dip it into the mustard.

But the best thing we ate here was actually the bread. (sorry for the silly picture)

I have no idea how they make this but it was amazing!!!

The exterior was super crunchy and the inside had a chewy, slightly sour flavor with airy pockets throughout. I mean this was one of the best breads I have ever had.

Mr. T even said it was better than Eleven Madison rolls and I have to agree.

I see this place getting very popular very soon. I kind of want to keep it my little secret but the food is too good to do that.

The currywurst looks to be their specialty and the pomme frites were getting their first fry of the night while we were there. Yum!! Good stuff!

Wechsler's 120 First Avenue (at 7th street)