Peking Duck House

We randomly decided to try out the Peking Duck House last Saturday night down in Chinatown. We showed up pretty early, around 6:30 and there was already a small group of people waiting.

I had never been inside the Peking Duck House before and I was really surprised how different it was.

Super white walls with low lighting and disco music- it certainly didn’t resemble any of the other places in Chinatown that I’ve been to.

After about a five minute wait we were seated and ordered a couple of drinks.

Since it was only the 2 of us we unfortunately couldn’t get the duck because it is served only for 4 people or more.

However they had a duck appetizer so we decided to try that out.

This is the chopped duck meat with pine nuts.

At first I simply tried a little of the duck and I wasn’t sure if I liked the flavor or not of the pine nuts.

However once I put it inside the lettuce cup and put a little bit of hosin sauce on top it was perfection.

The sauce really balanced out the flavors. We were absolutely loving this dish.

Our main order fared just as well.

This is Chicken with Orange Flavor.

All white meat chicken that was very lightly breaded and covered with a spicy garlic orange sauce.

I loved this dish because it was pretty light. Many times when I order an orange sauce I get something that resembles a heavy syrup.

This sauce had a very light, clean taste.

There was baby corn and slices of garlic throughout the dish that were super spicy and delicious.

Overall we really liked Peking Duck House.

The ducks that were being sliced up and sent around the room looked and smelled amazing.

We spent most of dinner figuring out who we could get to come back with us so we could order a whole duck. My parents are coming to visit next month and staying near the Financial District so this could be a perfect place.

After dinner we stopped for a drink at Apotheke.

This is the door from the inside of the bathroom. Pretty cool. The bartenders all wore lab coats and they served up a pretty mean drink.

Not exactly a place you would find in Chinatown.

Peking Duck House