Golden Unicorn

We found ourselves once again walking around Chinatown last week after a successful shopping excursion at J & R.

Hungry and cold we decided to try out a new place and headed over to the Golden Unicorn.

On the second floor of a building on East Broadway sits Golden Unicorn. Follow the blinking lights outside, up the elevator and into a huge dining room decked with bright red walls and big golden dragons.

We got there about 7:00 and the place was virtually empty. Only two other tables were filled and it felt strangely quiet in such a big room.

Undeterred we set down to ordering and got some tasty Cantonese dishes and a bottle of wine.

We decided on two dishes the Jumbo Shrimp and Chicken sizzling platter with garlic sauce and the Salt Baked Pork Chop with Chili.

The shrimp and chicken platter came out just as advertised- sizzling!!!

Huge chunks of chicken and shrimp were mixed with onions, green peppers and a spicy garlic sauce.

Mr. T and I always order the garlic sauce when there is a choice between spicy or garlic at Chinese places.

My question- what’s the difference? The garlic sauce is always super spicy as well!! This one was no different.

Big red flakes throughout the dish provided a powerful dose of spice and I was sweating a little bit as I ate.

Luckily they brought out a nice big bowl of peanuts which I threw into the shrimp dish to cool it down a bit.

Our other dish was the Salt Baked Pork Chop with Chili.

I actually didn’t care for this dish very much. The breading has a strange taste that we couldn’t quite figure out. It almost tasted like brown sugar. Kind of like a funnel cake.

Weird huh? Anyway it just didn’t do it for me.

However I happily ate the shrimp and chicken while Mr. T handled most of the pork.

Luckily a couple of big groups arrived while we ate so the room didn’t feel quite so empty.

We finished our meal with a complimentary plate of orange slices and some fortune cookies.

As we waited for the elevator down I couldn't help but laugh at this fire safety picture.

Look at this little guy!! Lol!! He's so skinney!!!

Anyway...Overall I enjoyed Golden Unicorn and would like to come back for brunch one day and try out the dim sum they are so famously known for.

Golden Unicorn