Return to Bar Masa

We got another gift card for Bar Masa at Christmas time and decided to use it this past weekend.

We showed up around 5:00 and the place was pretty much empty.

From 3:00-6:00 they only serve a limited sushi/sashimi menu which was just fine with us.

To start we ordered a California Roll, two pieces of beef, and a Unagi Avocado Roll.

The California roll was something we had both really enjoyed last visit and this time was no exception.

The roll was fantastic. The crab was succulent, sweet and extremely fresh. This has no resemblance to the crappy California Roll you get at other places- this is the real deal.

The Grilled Unagi Avocado roll was pretty good. I liked the flavors together but it didn’t really blow me away.

Ever since I was feed Unagi by Yasuda himself I have never had anything that comes close to as tasty.

The pieces of Kyushu with salt and pepper were tasty as well but no where near worthy of their $12 a piece price tag.

The spicy tuna roll was pretty large and came with big pieces of tuna rolled with fresh green chili’s inside.

Man this roll was spicy! I really enjoyed this one since it was quite a different take on the average roll.

We finished up with a couple more pieces of Uni, Ika and Toro.

While everything we had was very good it just didn’t come any where near the goodness of the sushi at Yasuda.

And the price!! Jeepers!!! I think we paid almost double what we would have at Sushi Yasuda. The atmosphere isn’t that cool that it’s worth that much.

So unless it’s a quick stop at the bar for a California Roll or I find a generous friend with an expense account- we probably won’t be back.

There’s too much good sushi across town to be dropping the greens here.