I don't know about you but I loooove me some yakitori!

I've been to a bunch of izakayas in the city from the disappointing new Mr. Jones to the basement hidden Hagi and the utterly delicious Aburiya Kinnosuke; but never to the jam packed Yakitori Taisho.

Why? Because it’s always too jam packed!!

So last week we planned out our plan of attack and showed up right around 6:00pm.

Luckily we able to walk right in and get a seat at the bar.

We got a pitcher of Sapporo and started in on some tasty plates of food.

First up- some yakitori of course!

We decided to go for one of the platters filled with skewers of grilled shrimp, beef, chicken meatballs, regular chicken and scallion all on a bed of cabbage.

Each skewer was simply fantastic- moist meat with a slightly smoky char from the grill.

I think my favorites were the regular chicken and the scallions.

The scallions had been doused pretty liberally with salt and the crunchy kernels on the crisp skin was like eating some sort of fantastic veggie chip.

Our next dish was the Tuna Sashimi Salad.

Nice big chunks of tuna on a bed of micro-greens covered in a spicy mayo sauce.

The tuna was super fresh and I really enjoyed the spicy mayo on top- however there was a little bit too much.

I had to start scraping the sauce off the top about halfway through so I could enjoy the taste of the tuna.

Next time I would probably ask to have the sauce on the side so I could regulate the amount a little better.

Next up was our skewer of beef tongue.

This was absolutely delicious as well.

Big, strong beefy flavor that was just perfect for gnawing on :)

The only dish we didn't really care for was the Yaki Unagi Roll.

It was way too huge! The Unagi inside was pretty good but it was completely overshadowed by the enormous amount of rice and generous pour of spicy mayo.

They should stick to the grilling.

Overall we loved our meal and I think Taisho might be my favorite of the Izakaya joints right now.

For all of that food and two pitchers of beer it came to about $50.00.

That is quite the deal!

The atmosphere is just fun as well and everyone seems to be having a good time.

Good food and Lots of Beer! Perfect night in my book!

Yakitori Taisho