Ever since I saw the 30 Rock episode where the teamsters go to a secret sandwich shop in Brooklyn and bring back some amazing sandwich's with a "magical" dipping sauce, I knew I had to find out exactly where this place was.

I did find out- it was Defontes in Red Hook.

I never made it to Red Hook and luckily now I don't have to.


Sorry for all of the caps but I was so psyched! And man it seriously delivered.

This is the sandwich they are most known for- the number 20 Hot Roast Beef.

Basically perfectly rare roast beef, fresh mozzarella and fried eggplant get thrown on a fantastic baked roll that has been dipped in au jus. It was one of the best freaking sandwich's I have ever had.

Something about their roast beef is addicting. It was smokey, salty and just fantastic.

Mr. T and I swung by after having dinner at Ippudo.

We figured we would get a sandwich, try a bite and save it for tomorrow.

That did not happen.

One bite and we were chowing down on the whole damn thing.

This is after a huge bowl of ramen mind you!!!

I cannot tell you how good it was.

This place is the bomb! I cannot wait to go back and try out more of their stuff.

The people inside are super friendly and get this- the guy who made our sandwich was wearing a Buffalo Bills hat! What is there not to love!!!

We are already making plans to return for breakfast this weekend.

Thank you Defonte's-thank you 30 Rock- you both rule!!!


Netts Nook said…
That sandwich looks great. ....
Kathy YL Chan said…
Aw man, I've been hearing so much about this place - gotta get there soon! :)