I love Superbowl Sunday!!!

Football talk all day, good commercials, and an excuse to drink a ton of beer and eat a ton of unhealthy foods...What is there not to love!

I was in Food Emporium yesterday getting some stuff for the game when I spotted this.

McSorley's Dark!!!

McSorleys has always been for sale in bottles but it was the light only.

Now they have the dark for sale! And look at the labels- they switched them up as well and I think they're pretty cool looking.

The dark is far better than the light, in my opinion, so this is fantastic!

I'm hoping my friend the Pitted Pruner can get some in his area- he'll be psyched!!

Anyway- I hope everyone enjoy some good food and drink today and that we see an exciting game.

We plan to be chowing down on some wings from Hill Country, Porchetta sandwiches and some veggies and dip of course (gotta have something not dripping with grease).

Happy Superbowl Sunday!!!


Pitted Pruner said…
This is PHENOMENAL news! I often wondered why McSorelys didn't offer the dark to the thirsty, dark lager loving masses. Finally, our collective wishes have been granted. This is truly an epic find. Thank you TT.
Tasty Trekker said…
Lol!!! I knew you would be psyched! Hopefully this can be found in a store near you- then all will be right with the world again :)