Some Random Food Pics

These are from the past week and really don't deserve a whole post on their own so I thought I would just kind of throw them together.

First up some french fries from Zum Schneider.

I've written a zillion times how much I love everything about Zum Schneider- the beers, potato pancakes, atmosphere and now the french fries.

Long, skinny and perfectly crisped, these are great beer drinking snackers.

If you like McDonald's fries (and who doesn't) you will love these.

A treat that didn't quite make the cut is the Triple Berry Kit Kat.

I was grocery shopping at New Kam Man in Chinatown when this bright shiny box jumped out at me.

Triple Berry Kit Kat!! I had to try it out.

The box was unfortunately the best part.

This Kit Kat was sickeningly sweet and tasted a lot like strawberry Nesquik.

It had a horrible artificial taste I just couldn't get past. Too bad because the packaging is so fun.

Last but not least Donburiya.

Mr. T and I had lunch together in midtown and I ordered a bowl of the sukidon.

It was basically a big bowl of rice topped with stir fried beef, sauteed onions and veggies, two big chunks of tofu and topped with a fried egg.

This is the total definition of comfort food.

Warm and hearty I ate the whole bowl and basically had to waddle out of the restaurant.

For $11 this is a pretty cheap and filling lunch option for midtown Manhattan