Happy Valentines Day!!!

Oh Valentines Day...some people really hate this holiday and some people love it.

I'm in between- I think it's definitely a marketing scheme by Hallmark but on the other hand why not have a day dedicated to the ones you love?

And why not have mandatory chocolate with that as well :)

Mr. T did exceptionally well this year in the treats department and got me two of my favorite things.

First up- Chocolates!!!

Pierre Marcolini makes some of the most delicious Belgian chocolates in the whole entire world! Luckily he has an outpost here in New York and Mr. T picked me up the perfect size sampler.

Last year he had gotten me the dark chocolate sampler so this year I got the milk chocolate one.

Marcolini's chocolate's are exquisite. I have never had chocolates that are so smooth and rich. I could eat this whole box in one sitting but that would be blasphemy.

These chocolates are meant to be savored...and savor them is what I will do!!

Mr. T also got me something else I love- Macarons!!

Okay there were actually six macarons but I put down the first three- hazelnut chocolate, coffee and strawberry chocolate, before the camera came out.

(All that restraint from the Marcolini chocolates took it's form instead in a macaron frenzy to see how many I could stuff in my face at once!)

These Macarons are from Tafu in Midtown but they are actually made by Itzy Bitzy Patisserie out in Brooklyn.

Luckily Tafu has decided to start selling them so people like me don't have to make the trek out to Brooklyn for my fix.

I truly think these macarons are the best in the city.

Bouchon Bakery's are a little too big, Madelines are a little too sweet, but these are just right.

They have the perfect balance of chewy meringue outside and smooth creamy filling with a shockingly wonderful pure flavor.

I cannot wait to eat the rest!!

So Mr. T did pretty well on the gifts huh!

What did I get him?

Two tickets to dinner and a show at Medieval Times!! LOL!!!

We plan to spend the day avoiding the Valentine's crowds at Zum scheinder and then go to a nice dinner or brunch tomorrow.

I'm having trouble deciding where to go. Our thoughts are Compass, Dovetail or Sushi Azuba.

Pretty all over the place huh! If anyone has any suggestions as to which one to go to please help me out- Thanks!!!

Oh and Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!

Itzy Bitzy Patisserie

Pierre Marcolini


Kathy YL Chan said…
Ooo, yay for itzy bitzy macarons!! Chocolate and macarons? That's when you know the guy's a keeper, hehe ^_^ Which macaron flavour did you like most?
Tasty Trekker said…
Oh yeah- he's a keeper. That's tough. The chocolate hazelnut was probably my favorite of this batch. Mr T loved the Roasted Green Tea. They are all so good!!! Tafu is right below Mr. T's work...I will be eating these A LOT!!