Top Chef

Okay so did anyone else see Top Chef last night? I try not to blog about this show because I don't like to comment on people's personalities- just their food. But after last nights episode I think most people can agree on two things-

Stephan is quite possibly the most conceited person I have ever seen AND Blue Hill Stone Barns looks awesome.

The second thing is the most important because Mr. T and I are FINALLY going there for dinner on Saturday!!

I have been wanting to go since it opened back in 2004 I think.

I tried many, many times and could not get a weekend reservation.

Finally I called exactly at 9:00 two months to the date and scored a reservation for this Saturday. It is crazy how popular they are!

Of course it's going to be one of the coldest days of the year so I don't know how much farm walking we will be doing but I am so excited about the food.

I will definitely report back!