A Pretty Disappointing Poutine

I was so excited to try out Artisanal's version of Poutine Mr. T and I went there right after work on Friday.

Man it was packed!

We had to wait about 20 minutes but we finally got two seats at the bar.

We ordered a couple of drinks and then waited for the main event- Poutine!!!

I was so excited when it came out! I couldn't wait! And then...sadness.

Their version of Poutine could be great...except it needs some adjustments.

First of all, I was expecting an amazing cheese, since this is Artisanal after all, and this was the biggest flaw.

It tasted like they used unsalted mozzarella.

This had no flavor at all. Poutine is supposed to be a salty dish- therefore the cheese should be salted.

The gravy also lacked flavor. Usually the gravy has a strong beef flavor and is much darker in color.

This gravy was simply to bland.

And lastly, while I loved the way the fries came out in the pan- the portion was quite small for $9.50.

The pan could have held about three times as many fries.

If they are only going to give such a small amount- put in into a smaller pan to serve!

I was so disappointed mostly because the fries were so good!

They were think and perfectly crispy- they have the potential to be the perfect companion for cheese and gravy.

The bartender said they would like feedback since it was a new menu item, but it was so busy that night I didn't want to bother him.

I was so disappointed I went home and wrote Artisanal an email telling them what I feel.

Is that crazy?? I'm so desperate for a good Poutine I felt that I needed to.

We'll see if I hear back. Until then it's Pomme Frites for me.


Maria said…
This makes me sad, I expect a lot more from Artisanal. :(
Kathy YL Chan said…
ohno! :( i guess i'll be sticking with pomme frites (also much cheaper!) till we find something better.

thanks for this post - i was really curious about their poutine! :)
ep said…
Sigh. Guess I'll have to keep going back to Montreal :) http://eatbite.com/tags/poutine