I was so excited when I heard the owners of Bao Noodles were opening up a Banh Mi place only one block away.

I walked by what seemed like a million times to find them still hammering away, not quite open for days!

Then the holidays came along and I kind of forgot about Baoguette until Tuesday when Mr. T and I were heading home and once again faced with the dinner dilemma.

Then we remembered Baoguette.

We ran inside the little store and were very pleased to see quite a larger array of offerings than we had expected.

There was a green papaya salad, shrimp summer rolls, a catfish sandwich and a couple different kinds of Bahn Mi.

Now they had the traditional with Pork, but I decided to try something different and ordered the BBQ Chicken Bahn Mi.

This was a pretty decent sized sandwich for $5.00!

Chicken, Cucumber, pickled daikon (I ended taking out the Cilantro-ewww!) and shredded carrots get stuffed inside a crunchy roll and topped with a generous amount of garlic aoli and sriracha hot sauce.

This was a very good Bahn Mi. Not quite as good as the one I had from Saigon Bakery but pretty close.

Everything tasted very fresh and the bread to filling ratio was spot on.

I had asked for it medium spicy but next time I would probably go for hot since the medium was pretty tame.

Mr. T was feeling like something warm and hearty so he ordered one of the specials that night the Spicy Beef Noodle soup.

Mr. T also ordered it medium spicy as well and at first it tasted very strong. But then after a sip or two it kind of died down and next time he will probably get hot also.

The noodles were cooked just right and there were huge chunks of beef floating around in the nice meaty broth.

They do not skimp on the fillings here either. This soup was about 80% filling and 20% broth. Awesome!!

Total bill $13.00.

We were both so stuffed we didn't even finish. That's a pretty good deal.

And we found out that they deliver!

So on those days were we are sooo lazy we can't even walk to one block we can still get our Bahn Mi fix!

Ahhh...I love NY!