A Few Food Updates

There seems to be a lot going on in the world of food lately and I just thought I would pass along some info.

The next Choice Eats Events has been announced for March 31st at the Lexington Avenue Armory! Right by my apartment! Yay!!

Last year the event was awesome. I showed up early to get door tickets but then left and came back to find a HUGE line. This year I plan to schedule it a little better and have already purchased my tickets.

They are $35 and you can get them here. Choice Eats 2009

Second Man vs. Food is on tonight and he'll be here in NYC! I'm kind of excited since he is supposed to be going to Katz's and I just revisited there on Sunday (Post to follow soon).

Lastly I received an email from the Picholine/Artisanal group yesterday that had a ton of great restaurant deals. The one I am most excited about though is the POUTINE!!

Yes! Apparently Artisanal has started to sell Poutine at their bar and I could not be more psyched! I love poutine and to have it made with some really good fancy cheese will be wonderful. Hopefully I can make it there this weekend.


Kathy YL Chan said…
I read the Poutine email from the Picholine/Artisanal group, and was just as excited :) Am curious to hear your thoughts on the poutine if and when you do check it out! ^_^