Holy Pork Fat Batman!

This weekend was all about two things- football and pork.  Actually I guess you could add beer in there as well since we seemed to have a lot of that also but the main events were the pork and games.

We met up with some friends and started our night by grabbing some sandwiches at the revered Porchetta.  The tiny little shop on 7th street can barely hold more than 8 people, and it was already filled to capacity, so we decided to just grab some sandwiches to go and find a bar to eat.  We ended up at Arrow where they had a great 2 for 1 special going on which helped us start our night on a good foot.

As soon as we got our beers we tore into the tinfoil and unwrapped one of the most succulent, fat laden sandwich's I have ever tasted.

At first glance this sandwich seemed a little on the small side. Once I had my first bite I realized the intensity and fat in this sandwich was going to be enough to fill me beyond belief.  The pork was so tender there were literally tiny chunks of fat hidden throughout the meat.

Can you see the roll glistening? That is from the fat.  Don't let that gross you out.  OMG it was so good. The pork was seasoned pretty heavily with sage, garlic and fennel but it just seemed to melt into the crusty roll. This had so much flavor it was unbelievable! It may have been one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten.

Every other bite between the juicy pork you would get a crispy bit of skin from the pork crackling that was texturally strange but utterly delicious.  Not exactly heart healthy but pretty fricken awesome! What was almost better than the sandwich though was the side. Crispy cheese potatoes with burnt ends. 

This was awesome!!! The potatoes must have been made with some of the leftover pork fat because there was a definite pork flavor that came straight from the potatoes.  A couple of the burnt ends were almost a little too charred in my bowl but there were enough that were perfect that I can't complain.  For $5 this bowl of potatoes was a delicious value that rocked.
In the end I have to say it could get no better. Awesome pork sandwich, ridiculous potatoes and two for one beers while watching football.


Later that night after many more beers we decided to have even more pork and went for a late night meal at Ippudo where I had the Pork Classic Ramen with extra Pork Belly added in. I am apparently trying to see how much fat my body can handle in one day.  I woke up the next morning and literally had a pork hangover. We had bought the Wii Fit the day before so I decided to try it out and get rid of some of my weekend weight. Unfortunately once I started the Wii fit told me that according to my BMI and health habits my Wii fit age was 43.  It must be broken I thought. Then it asked me if I fall over a lot because my balance is very off.  I think Mr. T is still laughing from that comment.

Anyway the Porchetta sandwich was worth every delicious moment.  It isn't cheap- it's almost $10.00- and it isn't something you should eat more than once a month health wise- but it is soo good. Too bad none of my teams won their football games or it would have been a quite perfect weekend.