Joe Jr.'s

I was checking out Serious Eats the other day and noticed an article about Joe Jr’s!!!

I’d been dying to go back to this diner and somehow never made it.

It was one of the first places Mr. T and I ate when we moved here and we loved it.

It just so happens that same night we had no plans for dinner, so I convinced Mr. T to go back for some good diner food.

Joe Jr’s is a tiny little place that definitely has a neighborhood vibe.

Most of the people in there knew our waiter by name and it just feels like its run by a big family.

I was planning to get some kind of salad but the pictures from that Serious Eats post got the best of me and I decided to order a cheeseburger.

This is one of the greatest things about Joe Jr’s. Within 5 minutes of ordering my food the cheeseburger was sitting in front of me.

This is the kind of service you want at a diner.

The cheeseburger came just like this, open faced with a slice of cheese melted on top of each bun.

The patty wasn’t super thick but an ample size.

Slapped on top of the squishy white bun it was a perfect match.

The patty wasn’t fancy; it had no foie gras or brisket inside. Just simple ground chuck with a perfectly crispy char on the outside and plenty of juicy goodness inside.

The burger came with a small side of coleslaw and a nice crunchy dill pickle of course.

We split an order of fries and although they were a little thicker than I like my spuds they were incredibly crispy.

Joe Jr’s is a great place. Our bill for our meal came to $14.00 which is less than we would have spent on delivery and quicker.

Joe’s is a great neighborhood staple that I’m so glad I got to return too!

Next time we’re coming for their breakfast which looks just as amazing as dinner and just as cheap.