Okay I have really been trying to go off of coffee but life has certainly been making it hard.

Remember my favorite espresso joint of the year?

The one I would travel all the way uptown to 59th street for Fika?

They opened one 5 blocks away from my apartment.

How awesome!! It's my Christmas present!

I swung by the other day and was very happy to see they had all of my favorite pastries, including the wonderfully delicate vanilla dreams and the sweet raspberry tarts.

I got a macchiato and was in heaven.

It’s funny too. I had been in a really bad mood. Just kind of depressed for a while and this place completely lifted my spirits.

The big window store front allowed me to stand and watch the world outside without having to be involved in all of its’ business.

Sometimes I just need a little time away from the world and a good warm treat to make me feel better.

Fika definitely delivered.

Unfortunately I may not be able to quit my coffee habit for a while :(